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Monday, July 23, 2007

DID Date Masamune 1/6th figure mini review

this 1/6th figure by DID (dragon in dreams) was released last november, in 2006. my interest in samurai grew after watching a second run on the movie "the last samurai" on blu-ray, starring tom cruise n ken watenabe. a quick search on the net to discover such of work of art, hand-made samurai armour, of metal parts, same sewing as used in the real armour .... DID is sure an upcoming company to set some new standards.

Date Masamune is DID's first samurai figure. mine is the international version that comes with 2 heads that u can interchange. there is one recent 2007 release, a second international version samurai by the name of Takeda Shingen (picture above taken from DID) also with 2 head sculpts. there are 2 limited version only for japansese market .... a higher price old man Date and old man Takeda .... these ageing samurai comes with a diorama and little more accersories.

my choice to buy Date over Takeda was mainly due to the color of his armour and the nature of this samurai. Takeda was historically recorded to be alittle more tyrant and Date is more of a goody jedi ... i mean samurai. yes, these 2 samurai are real historic chaps that the japs still honour 2day.

the figure is well packed, well secured with wires. the metal skirt is wrapped with plastic and a silicon pack was thrown in to prevent oxidation.

samurai carries 2 katanas .... these are made of metal.

the infamous moon crest on Date's helm. bushy moustage on his face armour.

the helm armor folds when placed on the floor.

the spare head with shouting mouth. his nice velvet vest. eye patch to be shared between the 2 heads.

the hair is weaved into the sculpt. the japanese aged samurai version are both more bald so no weave hair for those 2. Date's lost his right eye during his youth when he had small pox. it was told he took his eye out due to the disease by himeslf.

Date shows you his plated armor skirt.

frontal armor pose.
rear armor pose with vest.

he killed his brother who supposedly to have taken the throne to the heir of Date's father's kingdom. Date's mother claims Date is no fit to take over the rulership as he only had one eye. his mother tried to poison him while serving him food.

darth vader was a concept borrowed from the samurai. vader confronts his true identity.

PS please excuse my hasty pictures.


Shaun said...

nice pix and review sket.

if you don't mind, please enlighten a noob here. Is DID an offshoot of Dragon?

sket said...

frankly i dunno. but the company got setup in 2003. they do militia as well .... the next upcoming will be those horses u see at thf website. up n coming i say.