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Sunday, July 29, 2007

-- 2mins2midnite --

$120 to go .... 3 cds + a dvd karaoke disc for my mum .... i got linkin park for free.

linkin park's been always to young a band for me .... chester bennington's appearance in crank movie gives him a final slot for me to test em out.

ayumi or kumi koda? guess it's another shot for ayumi's new single. ayumi always portray the lonely girl.

metal gear solid 3 soundtrack in hmv ? they have MGS1 n MGS2 x2 soundtracks as well. it's only 50 thru playasia. but i guess it's nice to pick something out then waiting. 2nite will be the nite i start MGS.

powerslave .... iron maiden was pretty unsuitable for me when i first heard number of the beast. speed metal? not my genre. but i was once facinated by the cover of powerslave. 1984 was it? a second time i encouter maiden was when i played the trooper on guitar hero 2. back to basics .... another shot for the england arena rockers.


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