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Monday, July 02, 2007

is this the world we created ?

i've been on colin mcrae DiRT crack the whole of 2day n almost the whole of yesterday. as it's the 360 version that i bought, i've unlocked quite a handful of achievements. wonder if there'll be any goodies on the PS3 version, like making of vids, concept art etc. by 2 nite i should complete the rookie tour of the career mode. i'm really hooked. some say the graphics still cant beat motorstorm, i say it's awesome, and the gameplay is sure less repeatative compare to the xtremer genre motorstorm, i would say it's addictive .... and i'm so in love with the evo IX and the BMW X3.

the darkness o nthe otherhand, which i got on PS3 hasnt the kickass graphics. the lead character, jackie escardo had voiceover done by faith no more mike patton .... he does look n sound like robert de niro. in overall, not a necessary game to buy for your PS3, but good to have, a break from the racing surplus on the sony machine.
** update:- this game is banned in singapore. what the ??

my bapex watch was detained by singpost/custom for gst reasons. a pity i didnt get to have it 2day. they'll contact me on if i need to go down to pay personally or they will charge me gst on delivery, all depending on custom, if they find an appropriate invoice. i get less hassle on Fedex or DHL. damn.

time for dinner then more gaming. the heat in singapore continues to melt n kill weakened old pple. the world we lived in will soon be over .... game on !!!

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