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Saturday, July 21, 2007

medicom tee trilogy

being a long fan of medicom toys, i was trying to hunt this tee down locally. i have zlich paypal or ebay account. everytime i build up a nice profile it will be shot down by misuse by strangers and soon it'll be banned. but without a online shopping account i have slight control over my implusive spending.

i was buying 4D and notice this poster that says BIG SWEEP $2200000. tho a million dollars in singapore these days is NBD, it's still nice to have some million.

the speedpost courier has a good reputation of ringing the door bell and leave a note saying it's a failed delivery. 2day my dad stayed home as i walked to the singapore pools counter to place a bet. i saw the van turned into the estate so i ring my dad fro standby.

my wife bought this shirt from ebay. it arrive in a nice 2day.

this is a medicom toys X kaws originalfake tee. kaws has quite a few design, like his infamous dissected bugs bunny kaws. but this for me it's like a must. tho i have gave up on this tee due funding incapability, my wife accidentally spotted a lost treasure.

this will be my second medicom tee. ok maybe third. first was a evirob x medicom which my wife bought for me like zillion years ago, a instant classic, then there is the maharishi X medicom. now this is closure. ends the trilogy of medicom toys tee.

ok back to my racing on forzamotorsports2. hope my wife's headache goes off soon. we always have bad headache spells.

GT5 vids from PSN proves the upcoming game awesome.

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