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Wednesday, July 04, 2007

if u dont read my blog, u dunno what u are missing. tons of self-centered ego. i'm the BRAND NEW GOD

brand new godthe americans grew up, knowing how to taunt naturally. they fit or dont fit into society, easily.

my little black car, it drives ok 2day. a 5k mileage overdue servicing, paid 400 yesterday placed it to justice.

my 5th servicing with CAS delgro perhaps? i used to get it done at shell proserv at TP shell petrol kiosk. i still prefer to pay more but not to the extend to pay car dealer servicing price, unless i drive a continental, if i can afford a continental car i can afford to pay that kind of servicing. or some pple regard that as stupid, i dunno.

the in-house engine oil grooves my car ok. with engine flushed, fuel system cleansed, addictive metal5 added .... i do get a smoother ride. finally got the air-con filter changed as well, now notch1 aircon flows smoother, compared to the passed few months of heatwave on notch1.

my fog lamps remained disconnected. the wire system has malfunctioned, tripped likely. maybe i should yank it out .... like 2 holes on the front bumper, better airflow ??

had my first xp coffee tasting at mac cafe; a mochachinno. nice they deliver my coffee. but the internet connection sucked bigtime at liang court mac. it's free what can i say.

i had a blast sucking heads and devouring hearts playing the darkness. after watching conan gameplay video, i have a feeling it will be banned in singapore too. now i am getting little keen on eternal sonata as well. damned. just when i tot it's safe to play older games, my wife reminded me in the car earlier, casually, any new games coming up ??!?!

old things must go for new things to come. if i could keep all of what i used to have, i'll be greatly worshipped and respected. but i can always be that brand new god (<-- hyperlinked) .

equation of the day:-
rich = time
rich pple has plenty of time
rich pple drive luxury cars
therefore, on the road, dont need to give way to luxury cars

images for the day:-

my adi soap gel in a watson's pump. thx to whoever that dropped my tube of pure coolness.

medicom spidy in action.

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