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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

blog updated with some ancient features

the infamous blog wait by sketzombie has some updated features ....

1) links are now divided into proper headings. they are currently splitted into various categories. new links are added.

2) a new tag-board has been added for readers who wishes to leave a message but are not blogspot users. as this is a free tag-board [non-paying feature], there is no time stamping. feel free to leave messages and your contacts if u want me to get back to you. profanity allowed.

3) current playlist -- my current entertainment in order of importance. these are hyperlinked.

and on the sidebar, white and inverted angel pix were added, and playstation logo + blogger logo etc were added as well. some fonts and color schemes were replaced too.

i've played enuff DiRT for the passed 24hrs, spent hours f**kin around with this blog template [last edit 1202am 4th of july 2007], it's time for me to watch some old movies then fall into the darklands ....

nice pictures for the day ....

gta IV special edition

playstation page that got thorn off from the magazine .... and the event that got sony europe into trouble.

useful info:-
* my car battery is 1yr 7mths old
* my hair turned black 2day
* my foglamps remained malfunctioned

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