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Monday, July 30, 2007

snake eater fever again

decided to get a ak-47 for mr zombie snake. hot toys had recently released vol2 of modern firearms. i managed to find a seller who wants to let go a AK-47 from vol1. as most weapons in the 2 volumes are pretty modern, a AK-47 will suit well for a 60s character (which he did used in the game). another yahoo auctions seller also smsed me when i was on my way to drop off some second stuff to a buyer. finnaly got my series 13 metal gear solid 3 bearbrick.

so it's peninsula to serangoon to henderson to amk .... not well planned route, but nice impromtu messages that i got the chores all sorted out.

my wife received her safari blythe ... a blythe shop exclusive. hope i can get some pictures from her to post here.
this is my second snake eater by medicom toys from the metal gear solid 3 snake eater game. this figure is 1000pcs limited while the zombie face is 500 limited. still missing from the collection is the 1000pc first issue .... which sell pretty high now. if i would have bought this snake camo splitter face snake eater few months back i would pay like 60dollars less. now the price had went up, ever since the craze of MGS gone wild. this figure comes with a croc head and a M16 .... something additonal to the last figure. all 3 figures are believed to be released in 2005.


Shaun said...

nice score on the medi snake bro! know of many people who'd pay a princely sum for these figs.

sket said...

i'm in the sanke fever again .... no choice .... but i'll skip the first version, that's real crazy price .... i am thinking of getting some camo garb that's similar to the game, cut the sleeves fold it ... customize for some uniform swap.