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Thursday, July 12, 2007

skull chaps

my 360 had been on since last night 7pm .... more than 24hrs. there are plenty of E3 2007 vids to download from xbox live. ps3 on the other hand had it's off hours as somehow the E3 2007 vids downloads are faster, n less.

plenty of exciting news on E3. and peter moore played the bass with the harmonix team on a live demo or upcoming game rock band, on the first day conference. and they had the drum kit on demo. nice.

bruce lee n naked mondrain went out with me while i meet up with "sharp" calvin's friend to bring in a item into JB for him.

sunlight n greenery are always best for photography.

had some free time so i browse at the bapeworkshop at Far East Plaza. and it proves not to be a good thing. i bought 2 tees, one undersize "M" n one "short" tee for me and my wife.

bruce came out to my wife's new workplace to check things out at the evening rush hour.

we settled for dinner at this jap restuarant opp her workplace. and mr lee was obviously not happy to stay inside a bag.

think he was thinking if he can have a couple of beers.

time to go home. amex had 20% off, accidental tourist.

couple dressing?


Shaun said...


damn cool pix this.

sket said...

maybe i should bring GOD for a picture taking 2nite

Shaun said...

that would be fun! :)