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Friday, July 13, 2007

november rain

my automatic watch tells me time is 530pm. i settled on my bed, reviewed a couple of downloaded videos of E3 2007 on my tv. next time i heard a chime somewhere within the room and i was awoken, my watch could have slowed down since it runs on automatic mechanism.

first jam at novena junction. second at tekka junction. next at sim lim junction. then at raffles hotel junction. south point junction. by time i got to my wife's workplace i was ten minutes late.

at the rush hour, it takes a weak driver to sabotage a better driver. i cursed n swear along the road. at the peak hour it takes a weak driver to allow another driver to cut lane nd it sabotages a better driver behind.

falling down the mountain, end up eating dirt, move a little closer, sometimes it wont hurt

my wife was ill again 2day. the weather had cause many dengue fever, chicken pox outbreak, uncurable flu, deaths of age. the weak got weaker, the healthy gets affected.

plenty of sw 3 3/4inch 2nite at taka. manage to buy 1 removable helmet. now i have 3 opened coins for my album.

a women was avoiding the flying tissue paper 1 fellow had littered while he eat walk his burger king. she carefully walked down the steps. next thing i turned around she was praying on the stairs. she had tripped on her own carefulness and fell on the stairs while decending. i watched as she struggled up with the help of the handle. i make sure she's ok b4 i walked off. i dont want any crywolf of me traying to take advantage of her fall.

catch my fall. if i should fall.

layer cake, waiting blu ray x2 and GnR greatest hits.

the sadness hits me as i looked up the double deck bus while i was heading home. a boy was standing in an empty bus at 850pm. the song patience brought me back to my younger days when i take the public transport. the lonely planet in me .... it was all bitter sweet.

PS i was never a GnR fan.

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