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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

come to silver (come to gold)

glenn danzig and rob zombie are both talented artist that ventures outside their scope of music capabilities. glenn has verotik comics and rob is both a director and a great artist himself.

i do know some of my colleagues favorite passtime is football gambling. the smarter ones plays shares. well, i'm just a gamer / collector / movie buff. not much of a hobby but def devastating. above the insides of danzig's new cd, of old vaulty stuff.

i missed out this picture yesterday, the rear view to his air tank. like i say the pipes dont fit too well to the main apparutus, when it pops out, the tube whooshes and it feels like there is indeed air inside. sad to say the air tank is pplastic and not metal. a nice touch is his helm cups to his neck piece via magnet. but with just 1 leg and the light plastic body, he might topple despite the figure stand. that is when my hlem parts broke when he fell off his foot.

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