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Friday, July 27, 2007


havent been able to contact my wife since 430pm. hope she'll ok .... possibly too busy at work. it's 820pm now.

my wife has sourced out the glass casing i've been looking for to house my chinese / japanese genre 12inch figures. kino sells these similar glass cases at $200 a pop, with a openable door. mine is more chinese / altar oriented, self assembled n serves the job well. and mine cos only a fraction of the jap made. killer.

more pix on the disposable bag free with the bape catalog. notice the recycle bape logo and the inner pocket taab.


Shaun said...

ooh nice display case sket, where from?

sket said...

from some antique shop at changi road .... big one no more, they might have the 1 figure one still. if u have a "mandrain" 12inch would look great .... or maybe a jap solider from iwo jima

Shaun said...

thanks! changi's another world away for me though I'm at sengkang :)

Anonymous said...

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