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Friday, July 13, 2007

another shot in the dark

a missing pix from yesterday's blog. the apee logo on the back of my wife's tee. apee by bathing ape.

dont go checking on the painting work on this sandtrooper, if it has sticked on the platic bubble. most of them will have this little defect, either on the lips of the helmet or the hand armor.

when roy smsed me i was just leaving my workplace, so it was never more appropriate to head down to the hangar's final days at Far East Plaza to collect this long awaited sandy.

i peeled it out when i was driving. it's either my life or i'll be late picking up my wife later. gotta play with this figure and blog it b4 sunset.

2 additional interchangeable hands, one is the trigger finger right hand the other the weapon hold left hand.

the imperial forces have landed.

and the backpack of cos. if this figure is by sideshowtoys, the exclusive will be either the binoculars or the sand skiff stick. and they'll prob release a freaking dewback. i love lizards.

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