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Saturday, June 30, 2007

a working class hero is something to fear

a busy day since the morning. with a mixture of alcohol n cough tabs in my blood .... i slept at the crazy hour last night, 1130pm.

my day started at 8am .... picked up twiggy at my in-laws to drop her at PAWS vet at bukit purvis for her spaying. twiggs wasnt too friendly so she was muzzled.

some minor deliver at the west v4 we settled for shopping at vivocity. the 26inch hdmi full hd sony tv that i told skyslim about was missing. liked he said, perhaps a peeked to the future. got calls from dolls inc, PAWS the n ultimatley gamescore ....

twigs resting outside her house. she had fasted since last night 10pm. when she got home she served herself with plenty of water n fin her fave canned food solid gold. tho she still walks weak n wobblby, i'm sure she'll sping back in action in no time.

funan was packed as usual. collected my darkness for PS3 n bought a HD Dvd at gramaphone. sembawang music centre started selling a nice range of blurays n hd dvds. prices ranges between gramaphone n hmv heeren. i'm not sure if other brances are stocked too.

goodies from yesterday n day b4. PSM aug, EGM aug. a charity lennon cd n black spidy hmv exklusive.


Shaun said...

dude you lennon fan too? If so, we've one more thing in common besides LFC. :)

sket said...

i'm more of a beatles fellow, influenced since 79, but really got into them when i started working. i dig lennon n george's solo works outside beatles .... being more of a melancholy chap, these 2 fellows are the natual choice.