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Friday, June 01, 2007

dont tell ade

in the heat of the moment .... after the bad influence of my wife .... we proceeded to mobilesquare and traded our old phones in for 2 sparkling new SE K810i cybershot phones. we added the martin fields overlays [with additional to protecting the cam lens as well] and 1gig M2 card topped-up .... a great package for the horror couple comeback. i always tot i dont need a PDA SE phone anymore, but a cybershot has long been overdue. time to pamper ourselves again.

dont tell adelene we did it. and i owe here some muffins, chocolate, cheeze and banana, not strawberry.

more hd ??!?!? 2 riddick movies that i was never "into" but i rem pitch black was that little good. elaine was reluctant to go HMV with me, but she did. the kino girls were stocking up and i ravaged their boxes of new shippment to find EGM US. and the force was strong too when i was lured by the darkside to pick up SWI. awesome.

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