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Monday, June 18, 2007

sket's toy inventory part 2 : 12inch (1/6th) figures

rick smsed me couple of days back. he needed info to research on a toy figure he might buy, a dark batman. dont get into the reign of the toy collecting unknown. viewing toy pictures on the net induce collecting, they called it poison.

long delayed project of shooting pictures of my current 12inch (1/6th) figures finally come to light this morning. while waiting for the mysterious missing of a potential recall to work, i take time off gaming and lazing to complete a abandoned task.

well, bad backgrounding and poor lighting conditions, but still having them all out, dusting them for maintenance is still we call a good job done.

this blog entry will serve as my second inventory of toys collecting; my remaining 12inch figures. gone are all the army / special forces, the amazing brothersworkers works, a couple of rare commodities .... may i present to u my new collection of sideshow, medicom, hot toys and the new entry enterbay:-

first up, vaders and troopers. all four figures are from medicom. the white ST is my first SW medicom and also the first SW 12inch that medicom had released. i do have another mint-in-box white trooper for keeps. next RotJ vader, RotS vader and blackhole stormtrooper.

repeat posing of the STs. in the middle is clonetrooper from medicom.

slight poor focsuing on this picture. sideshow qui gon jinn and sideshow darth maul. not many pple are fond of this qui-gon due to his dead eyes. but i certainly love this figure very much that i reckon it's one of the best sideshow face sculpt that comes close to the actor himself. darth maul is a must collect for sw fans. this is sideshow's best work in my opinion.

i would love to have a or more sidesow exclusive version but all mine are regulars. the exclusive will usually come in a slightly higher price locally and with an addition prop while is always cool.

sideshow plo koon and sideshow kit fisto. plo koon is my newest sideshow and sideshow's latest sw release. i had intended to skip this figure when it was annouced couple of months back. but guess the darkside is strong. kit fisto marks my first sideshow figure. i was in KL with elaine when we visited XL-toys and we saw this piece of art.

partially exclusive, this is a san diego 2006 toy con version. this sideshow anakin has a different base stand to others. spotted with red sithy eyes, the regular version will be a pure anakin b4 turning into the dark side.

medicom luke and yoda. hey, correction to the statement above, luke is indeed medicom's first SW figure. i hate sideshow's luke of the same design but plenty of local collectors hated this version instead. ok medicom does have an issue with the proportional height of the character, yes sideshow does a seriously better job on this aspect. but medicom always churn out the best for thier price, but sideshow is seriously giving them a tough competition. in the US, medicom is now distributed by sideshow toys, a good bizness strategy is guess. this yoda is categorized as a VCD instead of a 1/6th item. glad i got this after the launch for i find the detail absolutely amazing compared to my ex-aging hasbro yoda.

hot toys george lucas and hasbro's death star droid.

after selling most of my 12inch collection, i started buying them again. so i have determined my current fate .... to collect 12inch figures instead of toys that i can be fond of .... no more 3 3/4inch for sure, ok maybe some sw kubricks for the change.

above 3 newer figures .... todd mcfarlane's comic spidy by medicom, super poseable, spidy3 and venom from the spidy 3 movie, by medicom. i skipped the red blue spidy ....

now i cant really remember the brand of this toy maker. it's a brothersfree collabration with another toy maker to produce this HK toy con exclusive. brothersrobber. my box is signed by the 3 brothersfree owners.

edison chen bathing ape figure my wife got me. again i cant rem the brand of this toy. a must have for a bathing ape fan like me. and eric so's sam lee by medicom. sam lee's clothing are by revolver while his shoes are bapesta .

my remaining brothersworker .... tank hood. and apexplorer by winson ma from brothersfree. btoh by hot toys. i've chose to keep this brothersworker tank hood for i find him the cutest. think michaeal jackson will lkie him too, duh.

metal gear solid 3 snake eater solid snake by medicom. this is the third version sold in wonderfest 2005. sideshow's freddy krueger from freddy vs jason. this is my first seondhand loose figure bought.

finally my current craze .... enterbay's GOD [game of death] bruce lee and medicom's enter the dragon bruce lee. without enterbay's entry, medicom's bruce lee will be the best bruce ever released. but enterbay won handsdown ....

missing in the pictures is a LAPD keanu reeves my wife bought me.

and what's coming in soon will be medicom's sandtrooper and enterbay's way of the dragon bruce lee.

still in planning stage are sideshow's boussh leia, and obiwan anh version, medicom will have boba fett, jango fett.

hope u enjoy the above pictures. time to buy lucnh, no recall again i guess.


Shaun said...

thanks for sharing pix of your stuff. I think the coolest piece you've shown is this:

But that's just me ;)

sket said...

those were the days that i had all my brothersworker it's with the rest of the world, lol.

Lily said...

Awesome Sam Lee! Lucky to have that huh? Got mine New Years Eve!

sket said...

wow u are lucky too to get this figure after so long. must have paid a bomb. the tattoo, face sculpt and hair is just simply amazing.