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Monday, June 25, 2007

enterbay "way of the dragon" bruce lee mini review

boy i'm hungry now. i dislike it when my brother n his wife comes for dinner. they are hoggers. they were once told off by their own families, "are u done, if yes please dont sit around, there are others waiting to eat their dinner". kick ass statement isay.

below my mini review / thoughts about the new enterbay way of the dragon 1/6th figure. most picutres u might have seen from other websites. this will be my version.
this time round this set doesnt come with a enterbay carrier. so it's red big plastic bag when i bought mine. the artwork for the cupboard slipover cover is in black n white coolness. same prob encounter when u need to slip it off from the box. the inner box is pretty flimsy, do watch out for tears when inspecting.
the back of the slip over cupboard.
serial number are on 4 same locations again. they're on the back of the slip cupboard, the back of the box, the card cert, the back of your figure. as the diorama is now part of the inner box, u have only 4 locations that display the serial numbers.
this is the top view of your box.
the artwork on the innerbox. the box opens from left to right. the line on this box is your hinge.
ta da .... the diorama. bruce is hidden on the greyish wall. no the whole diorama is of hardened quailty, this is a letdown if u compare it with the first set's diorama.
bruce held nicely on a black velvet plastic. sorry no figure stand was located somehow.
the cupboard cert. deluxe version
sets of hands n weapons. soft nunchakus and flexi bamboo. the flying darts r delicate do take care when removing from the box.
sepia bruce posing
the rotatable eyes. you'll have to adjust them carefully as u might get a slight cock-eye look as they rotates independently.
his outer shirt buttons are the delicate knots so i'm gonna leave him unbuttoned for the fear of mishandling the knots. medicom chose an esy way out by using velcro. this one is real precise.
bruce with chopestick pose. same stiff limited rotatable ankles. as previous figure. means toes will likely point foward, outward depending on your rotating at the groin region joint.
my artbook is still shrinked warpped. anyone who didnt pre-order but still gets this book is gonna be a steal.
3 bruises ?!?!?! who's gonna win as my favourite ?? i take way of the dragon as the winner for now. what's your choice ??


Shaun said...

thanks for the detailed review and pix man. I think masterpieces would best describe the figures.:)

sket said...

breaking new ground of 1/6th figures

aeiou2aeiou said...

Thx for the concise review sket, enjoyed reading it:)

...hmm..come to think of it, I still can't decide which is my fav LOL

Anonymous said...

Check these pictures out for more details.