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Thursday, June 21, 2007

200 not 300

bumped inoto rick at hmv. he's lure of planet earth bluray has got strong, but i resisted the temptation and will hold off this purchase til a little date.

when i received this invitation from citbank / mariott, i knew what we'll get into. but for $200 takashimaya voucher, i told elaine, lets do it.

540pm, we were early at 14th floor tower A ngee ann city mariott vacations. the spread of high tea style buffet was bearable. spotted are some glaring eyes at our outlandish dressing and styled super. then came in more normal pple that we soon blend in. and so it was a mass sale, again back to 1to1 travel share sale. what the heck we spoke to ourselves, just for the $200. so 1.5hrs finally passed and the 2 girls that were assigned to us failed to persuade these 2 determined shoppers. well the package deal was good, but we'll just not the travel kind, i told them with $500 each month i could get myself a pair of shoes [brother, sounds like hulk hogan] . they reluctantly led us to the check out counter and boy we got our $200 vouchers. heheh, the horror couple won again.

thursday is kino uk zines shippment nite. with 20percent off til end of month, i cant bear to reject PSU3, which i have seriously wanted to discard as a monthly reading. also located was haruki murakami's new book, and goodness i have not finished his last short stories novel. i'm just so impatient when it comes to reading, if everything can be make into a movie form. i'll try, try to finish this book then go back to his last novel.

so much to do and so little time.

i'm the alpha of the omega, the beginning of the end.

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