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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

happy 30th SW anniversary

had a KO nap this afternoon. not too sure if i'll be able fall asleep 2nite at 12am .... woke up ran blue dragon and my dad had a package for me from the postman. my wife got me this SW 30th anni coin album. tho i wont be but would like to collect the coins .... this album is quite a awesome overall package.

USPS package on bed
front nudity of the coin album
the album spreadout back cover. this picture montage is awesome. dont mind my toes !!

the silver foil logo n 30th anniversary statement
sw timeline
the infamous SW scroll in foil
darth vader #1 with coin, and a mini catalog. should i get myself a transforer SW since it's the fever ???

so what's left to come in the mail are:-

1. bruce lee dvd code2 box set from amazon.
2. yet released Danzig CD set from mazon. com
3. yet released SW 30th anni from, gift from wife.

and recap on games n toys from shop:-
1. enterbay bruce lee "way of the dragon" 12inch, falcon's hangar
2. 360 dirt, gamescore
3. ps3 the darkness, gamescore

and yet released toys that i'm waiting:-
1. medicom sandtrooper
2. medicom jango fett
3. sideshow boussh leia
4. sideshow obiwan EP4

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