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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

nineteen ten

finally got my hay cropped short this evening. it's nice to have a regular hairstylist that cuts/style your hair to the correct look.

alvin asked me so what i'm into these days .... "games and toys", i replied. i'm not a fan of financial burden. my blog pages do contain some toy reviews .... but it'll never fall into the category of a local toy blog. it's mostly of my goodies i bought, my lament of my ideal life, certainly never be linked as a toy blog.

barry (so he's known as) bwasnt in the shop 2day. he's partner apraised my "powerful" watch. for a moment he was believing it was a rolex sub or a GMT in gold. a pity as a shop owner he didnt click this is a pimp bapex apexplorer. Simon Lee could regconized from far 2 years back when i first wore it. he has an eye for detail.

god was around 2nite. at the brink of my breakdown my father called me to check out 1910 on tv. not a big winning but it should aid me in this time of burden. off i go now to pay my wife's bills, it's cool, i'm just broke, but i wish i could help more. she's now my online shopper for i have my paypal n ebay banned all the time. party all the time party all the time party all the time .... i dont want to ....

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