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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

killing me softly

besides getting a few items for my wife, i got quite a load shit of goodies. a massive shopping trip. guess i'm too tired to blog. and loading pix via ibookgame on blogspot is a little tiresome.

we had the infamous prawn noodles at pek kio market b4 setting off to collect a hermes brikin bag. the rest was plain crazy. stuff from simplytoys, suntec, gamescore, dfs, far east plaza.

and the headache on that led from my neckache is really killing me softly.

my fragrance is running out. a new limited edtion bottle. just in time.

i just love this ugly concept chewie

tho i was giving up on this plo koon sideshow, but it was a real has 30th anni log0

the dtails inside.

face sculpt

i reserved dirt on 360 from gamescore when i collected this. asia version, so it's no decap for me at a lower price.

my sw catalog finally. and roy has a surprise for me ....

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