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Saturday, June 09, 2007

queh lapis thin slice

i was contemplating of giving this album a miss. his first solo effort was abit off from soundgarden or audioslave's powerful tunes, more mellow.

3 cds were ordered from, nice all were split shipped by amazon despite i grouped them 2gether as they pre-ordered. next to come in is marilyn manson's new long awaited album and not shipped yet is danzig's vault stuff. when amazon descides to split ship for the customer, the item will end up arrviing much faster than the usual 3weeks wait on standard shipping. this cd came within a week. awesome.
will try it later on my journey to work. nice to have the royale casino song in this album, and a surprising billie jean cover. will ultimately go get audioslave's last album that i skipped when it was realised. they sounded good in the soundtrack of miami vice movie.

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