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Monday, June 25, 2007

bruce lee day

bumped into christopher harold at the locker corridor yesterday. we had a brief chat on my impatience on the upcoming enterbay bruce lee. and in the evening at work w bumped into each other again, both of us had reveived sms from falcon's hangar that the figure will arrive 2mrw 1pm.

didnt catch much sleep 2day despite only near 3hrs rest last nite. incame my bruce lee dvd from

his set has 6 disc wtih a dvd size hard cover book.

movies are :-

1) the big boss
2) fist of fury
3) enter the dragon
4) game of death 2disc
5) 30th anni commeorative documentry disc

looks like with this 6 disc set n 3 more disc of planet earth, games gonna take another major break.

am really enjoying DiRT on 360 atm. time keeping by tag heuer

at 7pm i managed to reintall the missing jewel on the 12 o'clock bapex bezel. 745pm i was at work. pimp on. my 6 useable watches. had retired the tissot t-touch. couple of my colleagues are wearing their IWCs to work lately, mine, nothing at all to brag about. it's good to have this photo-ventory. of all only 1 is vaulable. the rest are memorable.

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