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Monday, June 11, 2007

a day to forget and a night to remember

met up with ade at heeren, as she was gonna check on her undying need for a particular pair of adidas shoes. glad she tried it and didnt buy, didnt really match well. now she's hyped up by this gucci bag costing 1k.

and my craze go on, 3 HD disc from that's music. i was intending to buy only "night at the museum". elaine offered me a "copy- version" which i declined. i need HD baby.
to my amazement MM arrived within 7days. amazing. i've grew to like Cornell's "carry on", the out of sync la-soundgarden but mellower. a short hunt at borders only revealed euro version of audioslave's "revelation". had to decline again. so i successfully added this album to my yet to ship danzig outtakes cd. that will come in july. also ordered the blue dragon soundtrack from ....
elaine says she bought me a purple camo bape tee, what a wife !!!! and one SW 30th anni tee that will ship in july. did i say "what a wife" !!!! thx darling.

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