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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

enterbay bruce lee

went over to roy to collect my sw catalog and he had a piece of enterbay bruce lee set aside for me. my shipment for this item will only come in with "way of the dragon" but he had a spare GOd so it was more than appropriate day.

5 locations u will find the serial number for this piece of art. $450, good price for me.

comes with personal carrier

the real thing


front shot of the outer cover

back of boxcover

serial number on the back of the box cover.

wording on the inner box

side of inner box

in the package reveals the wooden diodrama

the certificate

in the box

kua si mi lan jiao ?

the asics shoe in detail


Shaun said...

dude congrats on your purchase! can only look on in envy as I lack the funds for this work of art. ;)

sket said...

maybe u can get the upcoming second piece .... way of the dragon .... enterbay's product really worth the dole