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Sunday, October 21, 2007

united abominations

endurance is possible. i flipped thru the latest issues of Game Informer and Star Wars Insider at Kino Taka, both had some nice articles, but knowing these zines likely last a day f reading, and will be discarded, it was to my best interest to save my dole than grab these on regularity or by impluse again. i won this war, my own contradiction of wants and needs and donts.

these 2 new cds are ripped into my macbook. my new cds these days will be collected in my iTunes so i'll have chance to cycle thru my newer albums via shuffle. halloween by rob zombie is out in the cinemas on previews 2day. hope i'll get the chance to catch it with my wife. halloween has always been our official celebration holiday .... i had heard some megadeth songs when they did some soundtracks and some covers. they've always been the other metallica. i'll be attending their upcoming concert with rick this friday, i better geared up for the concert with their new album, united abominations. i have totally forgotten they did gears of war song and it's collected in this cd. more research got me more intrigued and my memory was refreshed .... they did duke nukem 3d song back in the early days of 3d gaming. awesome.

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