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Thursday, October 04, 2007

ouija board .... talking with/to the dead?

a seller from yahoo auctions contacted me and we arranged a meetup for the handover of the ouija board. pronounced as "wee-gee", possbily derived from "oui" (french "yes") n "ja" (german/dutch "yes") .... origins of this board is not confirmed, likewise the mystical power behind it. the seller had bought thru the internet, played alittle, moved alittle but never persue further.

so why my sudden interest in this mysterious item? i practised tarot cards back in the late 80s, experinced the chinese version of the ouija board known as "tie sien" or "dish angel" translated. eric pixor email came with a ouija board for sale just in time for the halloween holidays caught my mind. i never liked dwelling with the dark, especially this ouija board as it is known to call nearby spirits for answers. but that email sorta trigger something. i spoke to my wife, that raised her curiosity again. the next day she smsed me, saying "lets do it".

the planchette or pointer runs/slides on the board on those little cushion base.

many negative response when i posted a question of "where can i buy an ouija board in singapore". those were useful feedbacks, of views and experiences with the unknown.

here's the instruction for this "game". min 2 player.

this is made in 1972. not in it's best condition but will do the trick. if i stop playing i might just frame it up as a display for my new place next time.


Rev. Eliot said...

So did you frame this Ouija® Board? Have you had any interesting experiences?

sket said...

nope, didnt use it. it's stored in the a store room.