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Tuesday, October 30, 2007


living in this darn fuck world .... a world that lack love, pure selfishness.

people should die early. the earlier one dies, they will never get a chance to complain, to nag, and to display no love to this poor world. a world of selfishness each second it saddens me, alter my attitude. it's not my fault. it never was.

portal purrs when i held her last night. late but not too late, i did a check on my email. the cat welfare had replied to my request to put up an advert for portal's adoption. her own home had abandoned her. her new home cant keep her. now my home rejects her. she drank her water last night, for almost a minute long in the dark. my wife feared cats have tendencies of not drinking alot, which leads to kidney disease. i felt the dash of heart crush. it was a touching moment for me to see this poor cat drink last night.

origins entertainment had a spidy3 blu-ray advert on the papers 2day. i called them and the girl answered says the disc are now being distributed only available in the evening. will have to pay a high price to buy locally, but it saves the pain to wait for overseas shipping.

portal stretches her body, her right paw alerts me on my elbow.

swapped my set of GH3 for a new set at gamescore. my guitar controller strum down is crooked.

i will not be the same from 2day onwards. to my family at least. good bye to love.

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