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Monday, October 15, 2007

ah yue - ok

the night is cold. my cam's lens frost in the car's air-con. what better chance but now to take artistist pictures of blurry image.

i sold my CSI : Hard Evidence to a fellow gamer who puts up at AMK. as i fin work 2nite at 11pm, it's just convenient for me to drop by after work b4 heading home. this game has 5 senarios or 5 crimes to solve if u like to call it, and completing each senario awards u 200 gamerscore. i am happy to achieve a 1000 gamerscore points from this game. the buyer had bought it for his wife. nit stellar graphics, but a pretty above average adventure game.

think this album came out awhile back, think there's some promo on it now. a drastic change from the last vulgar rap album they say, this one's completely mellow. plenty of love songs, and plenty of hiphop numbers. all in it's simplistic form, some are taiwan traditional, but all are very well arranged with great melodies. track 7, "goodbye" reminds me so much of a sunday church song. wooden chairs, green phamlets, overhead projector sing-a-longs .... and to my surprise track11 is a ballad version of the same song. i was not too comfy with the whole album when i first bought it .... and more listening and random runnign via the shuffle, i picked it up 2day for my travel music. awesome.

another dreamy picture? my 360 halo3 ireless controller. not too sure if i should get a black rechargeable batt pack, or should i just keep buying AA batteries?

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