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Saturday, October 06, 2007

halo 3 legendary (or nothing)

rick smsed me this morning, checking if i wanna join his brother-in-law in a halo3 competition.

i am not anti-halo .... but the musicians at E3, couple of halo fans, they put up this band and played the halo theme, they are so freakin nerdy .... and i just couldnt stand it.

i had vowed to get the legendary set wen it was first announced. but to give up the whole halo francise is really time and money saving. and there were many related xbox 360 halo3 related accessories .... and i was a 360 fanboy ....

there was this launch on late september .... and i didnt preorder halo3 .... ultimately, it's a good move. they had a normal version and a limited version, and the legendary was to be given out as a lcky draw gift. i'm not someone who would settle for anything less than the premium, as usual ....

so here we have it .... my halo 3 legendary set .... i was just telling my wife .... i dont do halo 3, can u believe it .... guessed i got sucked into the nerd game .... ok ill convert it to geeky

the outer cover if peel open forms a poster.

the package, 2 disc boxes, 1 helm with a dust cover at 288SGD

what's his name ???

the base to store up to 4 cases.


aero said...

The helmet and base looks cool.

sket said...

too bad hlem made of plastic .... it's 1/2 scale. storyline abit too sci-fi .... but master chief himself is pretty cool. til i get more in-depth into the campaign, tehn i'll venture into the hype of halo multiplay