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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

portal the cat

blogspot has an error uploading pictures 2day.

how long will blogspot remain free?

my life history for passed 2 years will go into dust when/if blogspot crashes/closes. fear of the unforseen, relying on the unknowned.

if there is a picture this is portal. portal is a 1year old cat my wife had adopted. she currently lives in her friend's apartment. the cat had another name previously, but her name was nullified when adopted. she hadn't had a name for a few days. where the cat has no name. i was playing the game portal from the orange box. this cat was always missing .... into the unknown. portal is a game of your character participating in a exeprimental environment. your are to open portal with a portal gun, right trigger fr a blue, left tigger for a orange. you jump into the portal, exiting via another portal, defying the law of physics. so i suggested to name her/this cat portal .... so this is portal the ginger cat. she's a shy fellow. i've yet to meet her personally.

if there is a picture it's a propellored plane. it's a tampico. i flew in it on sunday. bala had invited me n elaine for his currency flight. elaine wasnt feeling well so it was just me and bala. it departed from seletar, over to point whisky and back. quite an experience to fly on a smaller plane.

if there is a picture it's a black charge n play kit and my PSM. i wanted to buy just the black batt as i have a charge kit. this black charge n play kit is to compliment with my halo3 wireless controller.

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