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Saturday, October 27, 2007

mac OS X leopard / megadeth / guitar hero 3

i arrived almost six and rick told me there's a queue outside a apple shop beside gamescore. i had intended to check it out to see if leopard will arrive at 6pm 2day. the first 50 in the queue gets the tee, and about 10 of these people when straight to buy leopard. some just left .... i got my 5 license for my 2 macbooks.

my second reason for coming funan was the lure of guitar hero 3 for 360. i had intended to just buy rock band for PS3 but the lure is strong.

and my final reason to be at funan, to meetup with rick and park our cars here for the megadeth concert at fort canning park. my ears still ring from the concert. dave mustiane was charasmatic as a lead .... and when his guitar raise for his solo, it was awesome. i only know the songs from this current album, which they played sleepwalker, washington in next, never walk alone and gears of war. the crowd chants for the band's antemns, head bang to the beat, raised the devil sign for the nth time. encore was 3 songs. a short awesome deafening concert for only 1hr40mins. when the band held hands to bow, we know we'll leave with the megadeth in the heart.

wat's me without a tour tee .....

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