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Saturday, October 20, 2007

fragged by mabel in halo 3

looks like no recall to work for extra income 2day. had the worst 2 headaches for the past 2 days. i've been laxing with my day duties but when i got into the split shift system my tension headache was reconceived. or was it too much halo3?

i completed halo3 campaign on heoric difficulty yesterday. a total of 9 chapters, great (and i wouldnt choose the term insane) graphics thru havok engine, engaging storyline, fun-filled vehicular/spacecrafting gameplay filled my hollow heart with thrill. i was skeptical over the halo francise, dut halo3 had converted me to a new halo believer .... so looking forward to peter jackson's missing project on cinematic halo series.

there was this major bbq at "who's your daddy" khung hui's shack, major attendance of pple from work. i was offered plenty of pork from the bbq chefs .... still wondering why ?!?! me and rick left early as we had another prior appointment for a halo3 competition at cineleisure gaming hub that we had joined. we were teased not to be fragged by the 11yearolds, and the bbq will wait for us if we got fixed. so we anticipated plenty of teenagers to be the participants, we were dared wrong.

we arrived on time, meeting up with rick's cousin-in-law. dexter's mate prasso had other engagements so it's just the 3 of us. we were slotted a 10pm but out game only started at 1130pm. ok, no old folkies participants, they were there to support their children, which is a great sight, and my tnesion headache was killing me. dexter's girl (not daughter) came to support.

during the battle briefing we met our competitors, a 1for1 game, under the slayer mode, whoever has the highest kill score wins. we were in the state of shock, when the youngest participant, a girl nicked mabel was half my height, and maybe 4times younger than me.

three of the us, the noobs of 360 LAN gaming cant even bloody know how to connect to join the game. we were assisted by the organizers, we were priveledged to have our faces hidden from the viewers in public rooms, each by ourself. game on.

i did killed mabel, the 9 year old looking girl, and i felt guilty .... but the game ended with me with only 5 counts of kill and mabel had 6. the regining champ had 17 .... and rick and dexter didnt fare too well either. we left the complex not in shame, but to be proud we did it, we finished the fight. naturally we didnt procced to the next round, and we were rewarded a halo3 dog tag .... like rick said, "there'll always be a first time" ....

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