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Monday, September 10, 2007

russian dolls

this is the 5th day of my cough. i just turned off the air-conditioning and i'm perspiring over my "the mission" t-shirt. i was trying to induce perspiration by going for a brisk/walk jog this evening at macritchie reservior. i only ran 1km nd i was out of breath. my body isnt ready for any exercise.

wednesday was the first day of cough.
thursday i had bad spells of fever.
friday i call in mc ....
sunday .... i finished my cough syrup.

i just hope i'll recover by tues or wed itself. i might just go collect some anti-biotics from my company doc at the airport.

friday night i started my nw life with .... a 24hr video rental kiosk all over singapore. i fgure since i like HD movies, and for movies i'm not sure that i missed, i dont mind watching them on code3 .... so rental seems a sane way.

i've rented zodiac, notes on a scandal, diary, turistas, russian dolls. zodiac n turistas are good movies, but russian dolls is a real gem.

i was still getting used to reading subtiles to this french movie b4 it immense me to the character of the narrator .... a 30yr old writer's struggle to find a life partner.

i just sneezed. been trying not to for the whole day .... i dont want this spell of flu to go from cougt to fever to sore thoart to ulcer to running nose and back again.

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