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Saturday, September 15, 2007


it was too tough to locate the train to harujuku .... most times i'll end up in sibuya. finally took a jap cab for 660yen and arrive location.

bape harujuku is located below billionaire boys club. i actually walked passed but with some local help of 2 bape fans they showed us the way.

a bape day ??

purchases at bape shop .... phone charm baby gorrie

reversible bape long sleeve

my first bape roadsta

bape kids are afew streets down.

my wife with the soft bananas

bought this bape mug

bape cafe .... where the coolest fans hanged out

most utensils are bape printed

too bad i wasnt a bape card member

this is nigo's favourite shop .... bape exclusive at aoyama

latest shops rotated

level 2 is all about footsolider

bought a bape belt here

made an apointment earlier as it was full .... made a 5pm appointment for a bape cut

there were 2 poodles greeting us. my wife had to wait for about an hour for my haircut.

we were given 2 free drinks at bape cafe so we settled for more.

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