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Monday, September 17, 2007


we left our stuff at the hotel and head to shinjuku main shopping area again. finally we walked the supermarket portion of times square .... should have come in here earlier for all the finger food. bought the huge grapes that we flown in back to singapore. cost a bomb back home.

my wife had suffered plenty of leg injuriers due to the extensive walking.

nartia express trai to the airport.

ANA seiko watch i got on board on day1.

a key chan my wife bouht for me with the loose change.

in conclusion, my wife spent mostly on toiletries and make-up, and some fashion accessories and clothing. for me it was plenty of bape stuff, 1 boba fett and couple of media that i had to self import but locate em easily there.

i would have wish we stayed at park hotel which was the next block to times square taka. we missed on on a cemetry walk. would 5 days been enuff for a tokyo shopping trip. frankly yes .... but who wouldnt want to stay longer and we would be able to travel out to more towns, do more shops .... we did lotsa repeats but were essential for return purchases .... but could have planned alittle more to avoid em. the train/subway connection walk was a hassle ....


Anonymous said...

Bro, nice watch!!lemme c when u come up the tower k.why no pics of chiobus??hahaha


sket said...

watch had failed .... send to seiko for repair .... lol