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Thursday, September 13, 2007


key to the cramp room. this hotel we stayed is about 10mins walk to shinjuku subway station/ if u walk the correct path .... there are pleasures along the way .... .... not impressive inside. 3 levels. level 2 has the cooler star wars goodies.

my wife with gentle giant full size animated yoda.

a familiar friend

another familiar friend? japanese black sabbath.

1/6 project shop. my first visit in 2002 was facinating ....

this round i only grabbed a boba fett.

junie moon. blythe haven. this one is tough to find. lucky the shop had a directory whih my wife printed. located in a nice little town

the feature board.

the front display. there's a exhibtion whithin the shop. most of the customized bythe were sold. spent the most on this shop 2day.

my wife's blythe was brought here for a hair-do.

they will be uploading this picture to their website.

intersting cat product shop.

have not found my masked rider no.2 new RAH220. mandarake shibuya was a let down. this is a cut out of the 2 brothers

by time it hit nite fall, things turned darker ....


Shaun said...

cool lah Simon, timed ur trip in time for Boba :) Keep up the posts about your trip, makes for an interesting read.

sket said...

thx. gotta cancel my reservation with roy tho.