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Saturday, September 29, 2007

persistent cough and cheese prata

took me only 2days to finish "after dark", a book i had bought a few months back. i deprived myself from heading to any newstand or kino bookstore, so i would concentrate on finishing this novel with greed, and i did. one more of murakami's queer sories, but this is the mild one. was at PageOne at vivo city, was delighted to spot the 2 magazines that was prob out the passed few days. picked em up without hesitation from the piles of UK gaming english.

my cough started on the 2nd day of work at satcc. now is it the water or was it my dirty water bottle? the last persistent cough started from this 2 puzzling leads as well.

despite, me n wife headed to south bouna vista for prata. the old prata shop round this kent ridge bent had closed. a new stall was setup, but their cheese prata dont taste as good as he previous. fact we cant even taste any cheese. another on bites the dust. no wonder the stray cats had cleared this nonchalant location too.

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