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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

female drummer, Bishbit and the strangest of strange

Without completing a certain distance, I will deprive myself the reward of a isotonic drink. I’ll mentally pushed myself a little more, the weak mind, the feeble body, growing fatter each day, just to run just that much more so I can pant later with a thirst quenching drink.

A vertigo sensation I experienced when I reached the top flight of Bishan Bus Interchange car park. Two task here, to return and borrow more DVDs from PLAY, and visit AXS machine. So I know today I can only borrow 3 DVD discs as the maximum, not allowed to keep more than 3 disc per member in hand. I had booked thru the website, reserved them, so they dispense once I authenticate at the kiosk. The Island had trouble ejecting from the slot, Little Children and Black Dahlia came out smoothly. After I returned my previous two discs, The Island attempted to eject again. I retracted the disc with a little force, grabbing the casing with my thumb and index finger, alas.

I was gonna head to AMK Laser Flair to locate The Russian Dolls DVD and also to any stores there to purchase a Gutsy Moving Rubber, pink version; for short hair and maximum hold. The time reads 1815HRS, and to turn to AMK and back to Bishan Park II for my jog, that will return the sky to darkness, my last intention to jog till dark. I headed straight to Bishan Park for my monthly run. Pathetically true, since quitting the airport clubhouse gym, i hadn’t mentally agree on keeping fit.

The jog started ok, pretty energetic. I ran 750m, stopped at the exercise section, did some weights, knee exercise and some sit-ups. A little more walking I ran a bit more, another 750m perhaps. Cooled down with this fat cat napping. I spoke to it, named it Bishbit. a black and white oldie, tiresome, and friendly. It must have missed someone caressing its neck, his youthful days. he’d been through tough times.

A girl with a Zildjian tee looked over when i warmed-up. A strangest of strange roller-blader with waist length white hair, thin framed strange man, not bothered of how the world viewed him. And there’s Bishbit, a cat who’d been thru life as a nomad stray. This evening was most pleasant. The evening sun sets slowly. beams of sunlight penetrated the cloud, like there’s heaven evolving .... calling to us, there is hope at the far end.

As i turned home, into the car park, my head spins again. my last two fingers of both hands had buzzing feel, and I felt the lost of blood in my head. I saw this tav program that focus on health and the modern killers, one of which was stroke and blood pressure. Do I share the symptoms of this?

I sat at the void deck metallic chair. about 5 minutes I regain blood flow. I had been monitoring my blood pressure frequently. Whenever the doctor checks my blood pressure, I’ll asked f my lows are ok. 37, my health went downhill since 32 i think.

And I rewarded myself with a can of 100plus. Imagine coming home, after a shower, the cats meowed for their long waited dinner. The proud chihuahua captains the younger fellows to be patient. I throw the dirty sweaty jogging garb into the washing machine. I prepare the dishes when my wife says she is walking home now, she’s working late today. The door opens ....

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