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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

more nana

the nana soundtrack has the sadness of a lonely bus trip, a drive by the highway alone at 8pm.

a fruitless wait .... i headed to bishan via bus with my topped-up transitlink card. elaine had bought the ipod shuffle after i bought her the macbookblack. a thank you gift. it proofs more than useful, for my lonely trips with randomly shuffled lonely tunes. am i lamenting? melancholy self.

i had booked Next DVD on the PLAY kiosk, and to return Little Children with Black Dahlia. the machine supplied me Next, so i am able to keep more than 3 discs after all. Little Children was a story very well written; a distraught mother, fell in love with a house husband, and a child pervert who creates uneasiness, just like the opposer creating eqaul uneasiness to the neighbourhood.

then took a train to AMK's Laser Flair. was here to find Russian Dolls. their computer inventory reads they have a copy, but the staff couldnt locate it on their shelf. If i was the boss or if the boss was at the shop, he'll reasonably suggest another branch, but when your shop is man by "it's just a job" there goes the integrity of the buisness provision. it ends here, "we dont have it". Nana special edition was starring at me, a 2 disc version. I headed off to Toa Payoh to collect Russian Dolls. a Code3 disc. It was with a little persuasion they decided to keep it on the counter for me. dumb.

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