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Friday, September 14, 2007


We started the day with a guided tour at roppongi hills. a self-centered self sufficient estate with shopping bizness hubs art centres n residentials.

one of the many art pieces, this is the significant spider dedicated to all mothers .... designed by some 90 year old frenchie .... wishing for network within ropponghi hills

our guide leading us up to the secret lift of the garden.

scarecrow on the garden top. below the heavy garden is the cineplex .... visited by many famous movie premieres. this garden has it's own earthquake preventive measures.

we returned in the night for a city view at the mori observatory. my wife's steady hands works better than the night scene with the cam.

this is my wife at ginza. the roads are less bumpy.

BEIGE .... chanel's very own restuarant at Tokyo Ginza

lift buttons

we were the first customers. we were attended with top notch service. this lunch cost me slightly above SGD400.

after the main course of beef ... we each had our own deserts

the al fresco section at the roof. boy i look like some shiity jap man.

chanel boutique.

my lower back hurts / my wife's toes are damaged. day 3 is tiring. getting use to the subway.

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