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Thursday, September 27, 2007

darth sidious mecho chair

picked my wife up at her workplace. the storm had subsided. my cirque du soleil brollie still shelters her on any rainy day. she had the sweetest smile, in her little black dress.

the chanting goes on at the wake. someone had passed away. hoe ping's elderly father had also passed on. their wake is on another block. my mom told me ah meng, autistic child from second floor had passed away too at the hospital. chee mum's mom left too. for so short we stayed on earth .... and people are killing each other still, elsewhere.

chirs harold had started his new found collection, 3 3/4inch star wars figures. i'm gonna stick to 12inches.

below is darth sidious on mecho chair by sideshow, my first sideshw exclusive.

front cover
lite. it's not easy to balance this figure. darth sidious is helluva heavy. the ON/OFF swtich is on the top of the chiar on the rigth side.


Shaun said...

looks good Simon, thanks for sharing pix. Passing on this cos no idea where to place it.

sket said...

more like a huge hasbro holographic sidious. i'm with the empire, hence this is like a mother mary for us.