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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

masked rider fever heats up slowly

my mom's been coughing for the passed few months .... my cough returns .... gotta stay healthy b4 the tokyo trip .... guess i should rest moe and drink more water. twiggy's been vomitting and having soft stools. i suspect she's eating nonsense like flower petals and fallen spices at my in-laws place [bunch of pretenious shitheads] .... it's never easy to live with other humans .... this world is tainted by bad pple .... we need gods

my continous struggle to spend less and buy less magazines .... i really should just flip em at bookstores that will certainly reduce much expenses. bought this dvd "masked rider the first" at poh kim for only $7.90 .... this is the 2005 version of the classic masked riders / kamen riders i saw in 1979. my craze for masked riders rides on.

V3 stikes poses with the national banner and at TCC funan.

and all elmos must die

lonely planet tokyo 2006 version isnt as good as my last book that's published in 2001. i was recommended this bilingual atlas from another book .... the maps are more detailed here then other tokyo maps i found. gonna grab a city ma once i touch down narita.

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