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Thursday, November 09, 2006


my dad and i never come eye to eye on which route to take when it comes to driving. my dad is 70 years old this year. it's my off day. been put off since dad last mentioned that he wanted to visit the cemetery. was planned as a trip as just me and my dad. but since mom n don were around, it became a 4person outing to visit the passed aways.

first point was the CCK columbarium. my aunt, whom i have never seen before and died at 4, my great grandfather (founder of Ai Tong Primary School) and my granddad, were dugged out and urned up and remembered here.

then it was the CCK infamous cross junction cemetery, where my grandmother that passed on in april 1991 was buried.
my wife and i used to go cemetery visits in the past. the peace here is what u'll never find in the urban singapore life.

and as usual, my dad and i argued on which is the best route back home.

managed to collect my GoW at 2230hrs at Funan 2nite. i only got to know the game was officially out 2day at 2145hrs. thx to jaclyn of gamescore who called me at 2210hrs when i was about to leave my in-laws place, that gamescore will wait for me if i can make it 2nite. amazing

my terrapins will get their fave food when they finished their little prawnies.

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