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Wednesday, November 15, 2006


distraught over the almost completion for Gears of War campaign on "casual difficulty". i'm gonna skip the "hardcore" n "insane" difficulties of this game. i'm not a multi player whore so i'm gonna skip the online portion of the game as well. feeling blue over what next to buy on 360 .... sillifully, looking at viva pinata, smackdown vs raw, r6 vegas. i've tried the latter 2 on markeytplace downloaded demo and they're surely not impressive. like all say "demo is not a representive of the completed game", testdrive unlimited had a bad demo but the completed game was impressive. nevertheless, i'll possibly and i SHOULD cool it off and play my old unfinished games like oblivion and ridge racer 6 instead of blindly buying game that i am not really anticipating.

my free zine and capt america marvel legends. have taken the figure out and the articulation is superb.

my 3 HD DVD discs arrived ealier then expected thru the mail from . i am eagerly awaiting for the HD DVD addon for my 360 that i pre-ordered thru .

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