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Thursday, June 17, 2010

ebene knee guard

bought this knee guard as my right knee didnt recover after a week. couldnt really kneel down my knee cap will pop.

they pronounced it as ee-bin in the tv ad. some colleagues claim it'll work. i bought the single sided one for sports over the set that comes in a pair.

shall see ....


desmond said...

I like your photo taken (with the kid) here. Very nice!!

sket said...

thx desmond

Anonymous said...

does it work? coz I'm considering of buying eversince my kneecap start producing cluck2 sound since week. I hope not to aggrevate it as I'm really looking forward to join my 1st std chart run.

drop me a note. Thanks.
(remove dash)

sket said...

it will ease the load, and make your knee works like normal with the guard on. put pressure will build on the other knee, so maybe a pair is good, i only have one.

prolong use leads to itchiness, so i never wore long enuff for it to heal my knee completely. been months since i injure.

Anonymous said...

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