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Saturday, July 10, 2010

g-shock b-1200b gravity defier

this model with the multi-band has been out for quite some time. finally, the asia version is out with a different model number.

made a reservation when i bought my 6900 the last round. grace from 3D Trading [recommended shop for a long time by isabelle] called me when i was in break at work on thursday. told her to keep the orange version for me and they can keep for til a week.

when i got down 2day, and to find another piece for my wife as well, a baby G [which was soldout], the blue with metal bracelet was enticing as well. am not too impressed by the stainless stell version, which was priced in the middle. ultimately, i took the resin orange version, for it's strikingness.

another schok to the collection ....

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