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Tuesday, August 03, 2010

every flag is the flag of love

in the lonely streets I walk tonight, every step, is a reminder of you.

growing up, has never been easy. the vomit, the vaccination. the fall, the scolding. your latest disturb, a cough that hurts. I know its hurt. you know my pat was the comfort.

".... up", I say. u rasied our arms to me. "carry me dad, you are my strongest arm. I feel safe with you", ".... no matter what pain and suffering, I can take, like you. I am your little shadow".

" .... flaaaaggg", your coarse voice. in the darkest hour, you are still cheerful, and hopeful.

take care my little friend, i'll meet you halfway. the road isnt tough without us for now. in weekends we'll enjoy, the zombie family, no matter how broken.

every flag we buy for you, its the flag of true love.

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