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Saturday, October 09, 2010

iron man collartible exhibition

here i am at the "stamp" museum for iron man collartible exhibition ....

9am, it's empty .... not a single soul

oh crap .... the queue is for 2mrw .... glad i reach at 9am not 8plus ....

the exhibition .... man at counter say look around .... eh, i'm not here for the stamps but for the toys .... he was disappointed ....

the life-size war machine .... i went in free (during the midst, a woman approached me asking if i paid, ok $5 per entry)

below .... the rendition by artist of iron man (using iron man mk3 mould and mk3 damaged stand) .... of which many artist i'm not familiar of their company nor works ....

(not familiar film director)
(not familiar)

sideshow toys

sideshow toys

elphonso lam

jc hong

the infamous rotted hair tony stark


(not familiar)

eric so

(not familiar)

some classic comics from golden age

kenny wong ("ex" brothersfree)


(not familiar)

sideshow toys

(not familiar)

(not familiar)


Vincent and Lun (not familiar)of DOTDOGDESIGN

winson ma ("ex" brothersfree)

kaz (not familiar)

jason siu

milestone of iron man from 63 to now

the hot toys 1/6th iron man series releases so far .... incl Mk4 and War Machine (coming soon) .... they should display the bust as well

these fellows are worth checking out ....

so what's this event all about?

back home. total trip 1hr incl train n walking. here's the $5 brochure for the exhibition. eh, think it's free ....

- should you go if you're a iron man freak? YES.

- should you go if you're a hot toys freak? NO. nothing to buy except 2 exclusive items available in the market, and you probably bought everything.

- should you go if you're a model kit fan? MAYBE, tho you probably cant do what they did. you should drool.

- should you go if you're a old school 12" collector? YES. YES. plenty of old skool defunct artist.

- should you go if you're a 12inch toy collector? NO. it's a art show.

- should you go if you're a scalper? YES, on 10th oct only, it's free and u can buy the predator and re-sell.

did i enjoy the show? ....


desmond said...

Bro, thanks for sharing your photos. I am not going as I saw those custom made ironman figures in the toy forum long time ago..Luckily, I didn't go..Haha!!

sket said...

u're welcome .... i almost enter free on first day, pity .... but it's nice to see mk4 and warmachine in the flesh