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Sunday, November 07, 2010

littered with books

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BSng said...

Terrible service at Littered with Books on Tues. 3 May 2011. I have been going to Littered with Books since they opened and liked the place. However, on Tues. 3 May 2011, I received the worst service ever and this has caused me to refrain from recommending them to any of my friends. The sign on their door said that they open from 11am to 7pm Tuesday to Sunday. I was at their doorstop at 11am, waiting for them to open. I waited 45 mins and there was no one there nor did anyone answer their bookshop phone (line not forwarded). At 10 mins to 12noon, I tried to call yet again and FINALLY someone picked up the phone and said that from May 2011, shop opens from 12pm. I asked why no sign on their door to inform customers? Another girl also came by and waited from 11.15-11.30am. Then, the bookshop girl took more than 15 mins to cash out the 9 books I was returning. All previous occasions when I take more than 10 books, it takes only less than 5 mins to settle for everything. With such horrendous service, this is my last trip to the shop ever. There are many other bookshops in more accessible areas that can meet my needs.

sket said...

bad to hear u have such experience with them. hope it'll soon be highlighted of this short coming and they can buck up their service.

Anonymous said...

weird comments ... have had great service from this bookshop and have been there a couple of times already. Ordered a book and got it within the week - staff are real friendly and knowledgeable. BSng - you should take a chill pill - there are people out there dying of hunger and illness - as sket said - Life is after all - all about waiting. In my book (no pun intended), Littered with Books is quite simply a great bookshop with great books and is not out of the way at all. Kudos to them!


sket said...

nice to have another view of the store.

Anonymous said...

For anyone reading this, it has come to the attention of a few of us who frequent littered with books that BSng has been posting this message on websites which say great things about littered with books - one wonders why.. and frankly we find this very hard to believe the truth of this.

It all seems somehow that this is vindictive and targetted.

I have been to the store a few times since it opened - they were friendly, really knowledgeable and had a great selection of books. Went again over the weekend and if anything, it was better since they recognized me and were able to recommend similar titles.

The hours were changed on the website and customers were happy about it - check the facebook :)

Come on down again sket, i am sure you will find it as pleasant if not more so than the first time. B, you need to say your piece but one wonders why you would be so focussed negatively against the shop....over one (possibly not entirely accurate) incident - obviously you went there before and found it great. One wonders what the real motive is?


sket said...

i've been there only once, got a couple of simple items, was pretty quiet, nice spot and setup i remember, no issues on service. will check them out again someday, if what bsng happen to encounter, could be a one-off.