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Friday, December 31, 2010

the end

how does one person endures, and knowing it'll never change.

once believing in god and have faith someday he will make it better, not my life but the person that u hope will. as years go by, did it got worst, i have lost track.

the boy, he changes the dimension.

everyone else can see, blind faith and my stupidity, not cherishing but complaining, lamenting, regretting.

and i smell the filth that comes along, the zero compromise, the zero care, and am sure the greener pasure welcomes me with winds of open arms.

childishness that makes me laugh, and the zero IQ.

i have committed many crimes, but i know god takes my apologies.

a year ago i was in this place all dark with my maglite. this year i sat on the same floor, a different room, a monster i've created.

fuck that fat bitch, may she die by next new year, and happy birthday to everyone in this world, til we die we will all suffer when he returns

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